Splish Splash

We always feel like we tell you how sorry we are for not writing more and how we are swamped with everything going on. To be honest…we really are! Every time we think we have some free time something comes up that we need to do. The bathroom at Harvest Moon Hideaway was one of our favorite rooms and we hadn’t shown any details so here they are!


Before we started our house search Becky insisted on having a bath incorporated in the design. There are shower people and there are bath people. Becky is definitely a bath person, like die hard! As we browsed around in search of an epic tub, we came to find a manufacturer here in California that we were impressed with. Paul had worked with them before but they were brand new to Becky. We looked at a lot of their tubs and ultimately ended up selecting an amazing deep soaker tub from Hydrosystem. It is a composite material so it is super sturdy, keeps warm and is the perfect size for those deep soaks. Another huge plus as we started living with and using it, maintenance was really minimal, if at all. Of course the views aren’t too shabby either. We’re not exaggerating when we say Becky spends a lot of her desert days right here. She’s obsessed.


We used Newport Brass plumbing fixtures and this faucet collection in the Satin Bronze is everything! We knew we wanted a wall mount that could bridge modern and traditional. We’re not super modern people but we want our designs to look like their coming out of the right decade! This was our answer! The finish is so pretty you don’t even want to touch it. The faucet really becomes a focal feature with the large back splash beyond. Luckily, Paul had a remnant piece of marble from another project that worked perfectly. The veining resembles the mountains just outside and we intentionally laid out the stone to have the peaks facing up.


The soft colors of the vanity slab are enhanced by the 5x5 white ceramic wainscot. Although the color is considered white, there are many different shades in one box. We liked this look because it felt worn and lived in. Some of the pieces read purple, blue, or even pink., ever changing with the sunlight. The ceramic tiles in this bathroom are supporting actors, on their own they would be the leading actress! We are so happy our friends at Saxum Tile Design had this collection available for us.


We also partnered with TOTO for the toilet and sink. Toto has an amazing product, the wash-let. The wash-let is basically a toilet seat with a built in bidet. At first, most people, specifically Americans, are hesitant to use it, but we swear by it. You just have to try it once and you’re hooked. Not only is it more hygienic and better for your body, it reduces the amount of toilet paper required making it better for the environment and especially our septic tank! We went with the Vespin design, but the wash-let fits on most of their toilet designs.

We look forward to staying more on top of the blog and bringing you some exciting news in the future! There are many things in the works….hence why we are running around like our heads are cut off. Make sure to subscribe to the blog below so you don’t miss out!