Bon Appetit

Hiya! We want to announce we were featured on Dunn Edwards blog last week! We loved working with them and using some great colors from their line. This week we are back to show you some details from the dining room and living room.

Don’t know if you remember, but the dining area was very dark before. The first order of business was to add two large windows under the existing clerestory openings. In trying to keep things light and airy, we opted to paint the walls with Dunn Edwards Milk Glass which really helped bounce natural light around the house.

We searched for what seemed like eternity for the perfect dining table. We designed a built in banquette which meant that the table couldn’t have standard legs, unless we didn’t want anyone to actually sit down. The dining area was also very long, if you remember the bench seating is over 10’ in length. All the storage is great, but it made finding a table difficult. Eventually we settled on this custom table in order to meet all the requirements. It cost us a little more than we wanted to spend, but it was totally worth it. The solid teak is very easy to maintain, small scratches can easily be sanded and oiled.


Becky picked up the dining chairs from the local consignment store. She always has the best luck finding awesome pieces there. We added new fabric from Calico Corners on the seats to compliment the bench cushions. The throw pillows were leftovers from a Showcase House that Paul worked on. He was able to snag them for JT. and by some miracle they worked nicely!


Finding the perfect light fixture was also a bit tricky. We really wanted that wow moment when guest walked in the door, but we couldn’t do anything too crazy. We designed this custom iron and glass piece which works perfectly over the table. The large glass is seeded with the smaller being a reeded glass. The two textures work nicely with each other - the perfect blend of modern and traditional.

Our latest guest really made great use of the dining area. They posted a video on social media showing a delicious looking feast! I think they had enough that they could have invited us over to enjoy :)

Stay tuned to see what’s next!