Hot off the press! Harvest Moon Hideaway

So sorry you haven’t heard from us in so long, not to make excuses but it has been a bit crazy in our world. With Show Your Courage, finishing the house, working normal jobs and working side jobs the last thing we have is time! We do enjoy the blog so we’re back at it. The Joshua Tree house is done and the calendar is filling up with reservations! Writing a single post about the house is not feasible so we’ll write a few! Where do we even start? It seems a bit daunting writing multiple posts but let’s do it! We’ll start with these amazing outdoor dusk photos we just got from the first photographer!


If you haven’t seen the listing on Airbnb, go check it out! The front elevation has undergone quite a transformation. We are so happy to have the overhang protecting the front door. It was taking a massive beating from the sun and rain- not to mention it’s South facing. We were worried that it was going to have to be replaced but it should last a lot longer now that’s it protected. We decided to make the overhang support asymmetrical which allowed us to install an awesome outdoor swing, totally not planned!


Wrapping around to the left side of the house you can see just how amazing the outdoor shower truly is. Taking a shower as the sun is setting is pure perfection. The air starts to cool down in the evening so you can crank up the water temperature and take in views beyond. Keeping the end of the fence open was the perfect decision because if the bathroom door is open you can see straight from the living room out through the exterior door to this view. Also this is the best path to get to the hammocks shown below!


We went back and forth on where to actually place the hammocks. If we ever get the opportunity to go back to the house we will finally be able to just relax and enjoy the outdoors. We were so busy working until the last minute getting the house ready for guests that we never really took time to enjoy the outdoor space. Next time!


Lastly, you saw back patio extension in a previous post but now it’s complete with furniture and a fire pit. We have 4 lounge chairs and 2 side tables. The fire pit in running on a propane line with the tanks below the grill. We look forward to cracking open a hard cider and enjoying what’s there.


When we met with property managers, they really pushed outdoor activities so we went and bought a BBQ! Not too shabby! We are not grill masters by any means and maybe it’s because we’ve never had a grill. Now that we do, we’re learning how to cook on it. We’ve used it a few times and so far so good! The contractor took it upon himself to give us a concrete counter top and that was totally the right move. In grill talk, they speak in hamburgers for the capacity and ours is something ridiculous like 50 hamburgers…way more than four guests will ever need but can you ever have a grill that’s too big?!

We’ll be back with final shots of the interior next week. Keep an eye out for a list of vendors/resources and we’ll make sure you know everything you need to know about the Harvest Moon Hideaway!