Exterior Before/After

Hey friends! As promised we are going to show you some before and after shots as well as all the details you could possibly need to know about the house. We are going to start at the front and work our way through. Be prepared to be shocked. When we look at the before photos we really can’t believe how much has changed.

As you may remember there were no windows or doors to speak of, you could see through the roof and parts of walls. The other great gift this property gave us was 4 feet worth of garbage inside. It’s hard to believe we bought this looking back! It’s so cringe worthy!

After cleaning up the trash and removing the stucco we could really see what we had to work with. At this point we were so excited that we couldn’t wait to get started on construction.


For the outside we decided on Glacier White stucco from La Habra. Although the color sample looked really white we were so happy that it wasn’t blinding in the desert sun. The windows are a low profile vinyl version from Milgard. We knew we wanted a front door that worked with the style and age of the house so we chose a bleached mahogany door from ETO Doors. It looks great against the crisp stucco and adds some much needed warmth.


After a few months of having the weather beat on the front door we knew we had to install an overhang for some protection. Luckily the contractor was on board and had the time. We showed him a couple images we liked and a napkin sketch and it came out beautifully. With the asymmetry of the overhang, we were able to add the swing. After a quick Etsy search we realized that tons of people make these swings and the prices are great. People have posted videos of their kids and themselves enjoying the swing which is really fun to see.

We knew that landscaping would be very important, but it was not a well known skill for either of us since we focus on interiors so often. We decided to stick with plants that we would see grow naturally. A few cacti and some small creosote bushes were enough to soften the front and they will continue to grow and fill in. The addition of some potted plants on the front patio was enough to balance the space.

Check back next week as we head inside! Let us know if you have any questions on something we may have missed.