House update: Interior!

As promised here is an update with what is happening on the interior of the JT house. We have been able to stay the night most Saturday’s for the past month or two and we find it harder and harder to get in the car to come back each week. It is so relaxing and really feels like we’re on a vacation. That’s one of the many reasons we love the high desert.


Up first is the custom light over the (future) dining table! We finally got this baby fully installed. We went with seeded glass on the large part and a reeded glass on the smaller section. The combination gives it just a little more detail since the fixture itself is so simple. You’re probably wondering where the dining table is…and well, so are we! No, we have a few weeks left before it arrives. We had a hard time finding a table that would work with the banquette and pair nicely with what’s going on inside thus far, but we finally found one! We’ll share all the lovely details when it makes it to it’s final destination!


Becky styled the shelves in the house and she did a great job! We had so many random items but she was able to eliminate and move things around to give it a cohesive look. We bought this super cool 1960’s official ballot box last weekend from an antique store that we are going to put on the shelving by the sofa. We just need a few more books and some coffee mugs and we should be done!


Last weekend we installed the mirror in the bathroom and *heart eyes* it is gorgeous! It fits in perfect with the rest of the bathroom design and completes the look. Paul added the hardware to the cabinet and installed the toilet paper holder. We are looking for artwork to go in the bathroom, but we found a cool local ceramicist and we are thinking of hanging a couple of his pieces.

We did some other things around the house like building the queen bed, putting in nightstands and some more furniture. We will show all of that off later, we can’t give you everything all at once!