House update: Exterior!

Hey!! It has been entirely too long since we last gave you an update and we are sorry. It has been a bit crazy in our house lately and we haven’t been on top of writing posts. This last weekend we went out to the desert and we have some great updates for you!

IMG_0923 fixed.jpg

We mentioned a while back that we wanted to do an overhang on the front of the house, but we figured it would be part of “phase 2”. Well, the last time we were at the house we noticed the front door really took a beating from the sun, rain and snow (we got over 12” of snow a few weeks back!). We decided we needed to build some protection sooner rather than later so we sketched up a design and the contractor got to work. We went with an asymmetric design to balance out the addition on the left, also referencing a bit more of the mid-century modern aesthetic. The wood on the overhang will be sanded down to get rid of all the markings and clear coated to coordinate with the front door. We’ll paint the metal brackets black, making the hardware cohesive.


The outdoor shower is up and running. We planted a few drought tolerant plants nearby and next weekend we will be adding some potted plants. We hope the minor landscaping we have planned will be enough. We love the way the stain looks when you are in the shower, but from the front elevation it looks kind of distracting because of the new front overhang. We keep going back and forth that maybe we should paint it white so it goes away, but maybe with some plants in front of the fence it won’t look so distracting. We should probably try plants before painting it all over again. Paul took a quick shower out there and can’t wait until the weather warms up a bit to really enjoy it.


The back patio has made quite a transformation. We extended the existing pad by a few feet to give room for a firepit and chairs. We bought some great chairs from Target that we will move outside next weekend. The fire pit is a modern, rusted steel, octagon shaped pit. We think it will look as if it’s been there since the house was originally built in 1957. With the string lights above, a roaring fire pit and comfortable chairs, we hope this will turn into a full time hang out spot for people to enjoy.


New concrete stepping pads lead to a large area where we will have a built in BBQ and a picnic table. Originally we were going to put in a regular BBQ, but after talking to our contractor he said a built in would be better because it would give us a place to store the propane for the fire pit and BBQ. Also we won’t have to worry about the BBQ moving around in the strong winds. We have views of the San Gorgonio Mountains that are breathtaking and make the best sunsets ever!

Later this week we will take you inside to see all of the latest updates. Subscribe below so you don’t miss out!