Fresh Finds

Sorry we haven’t done any fresh finds in awhile. We have been so busy with the house and Show Your Courage that we have neglected you! Since our house is basically done on the inside all we do is dream about exterior options. Of course some of the examples we are showing you are just things we love and not necessarily suitable for Joshua Tree.

First up is this terraced garden Becky found on Pinterest. The tall grasses really soften the whole space and the large boulders are great. We are thinking that we can incorporate some desert grass to soften our front elevation. The green of these plants really pop against the lighter stucco color. Can’t you imagine walking down that path for a dip in the pool!


Paul is working on this residential project in the Pasadena area and the client is a true wine connoisseur. His existing wine cabinet will only (ONLY!?) hold five hundred or so bottles so most of his wine is stored off-site at another facility. In the house remodel they incorporated a new wine room equal in size to the wife’s closet. When it came time to figure out how to do racking they needed a way to optimize the amount of bottles stored. They came up with the idea to do a rolling rack system. When the large wheel on each shelving unit is turned it creates an aisle to get the wine needed. Typically this system is used in commercial offices for files, but it is going work perfectly for storing thousands of bottles of wine. Custom wood dividers were made so the bottles don’t roll around. We can’t wait to see it complete and full! Maybe they’ll have a tasting?

Paul was browsing Instagram and found this landscaping company from Australia that is superb! We are definitely taking tips from them for JT. Our fence is similar in color to the photo on the left, which gives us the perfect example of what we can do in that area. The desert grasses in the left photo are what we are thinking of putting to the left of the front door, under the kitchen and bathroom windows. We want the landscaping to blend in and appear as if it was done a long time ago, but also feel fresh and modern.

Our friends over at Saxum Tile Design Studio just got this new Clayhaus tile in and we love the colors and patterns! We are always on the look out for something different and these tiles are just that! Of course the neutral gray and white are perfect if you are not a fan of color but still want some pattern. We can’t wait to use these on some of our new projects!

The last fresh find is gorgeous house in Mallorca. The landscaping around the pool is perfection! We’re ready to plan a vacation!!! Sitting here, sipping wine under the starts, washing away any worries, a cold dip in the pool, the scent of fresh trimmed flowers… Somebody transport us!

Back to reality - We are headed out to the house this weekend to work on some interior items. It’s supposed to rain so that will force us to stay indoors and finish up the little things like cabinet hardware and window treatments! Pictures next week!