Paint, cabinets and lighting oh my!

We hope everyone had a great New Years! We find the time between Christmas and New Years as a chance for us to relax, catch our breath and reset. That way when the year starts we are ready to get things done! While on our break Paul’s parents visited and we were able to go out to Joshua Tree for a few days. Of course we had plans to do a lot of work, but it was crazy cold and we decided to just hang out and go to all of the local shops.


We were super excited to get to the house and see all of the cabinets installed! We were happy to see they had been painted and it almost looked better than we imagined! As you can see we used an accent paint (Dunn Edwards Shutters) on the lower kitchen cabinets and a standard neutral (Dunn Edwards White) for the floating upper shelves. We have an apartment sized fridge that goes on the left and our range will be on the right. We are starting to think about want we want to display on the upper shelves along with dishes and glassware. We’re hoping to find some good deals so we can stock up on the necessary kitchen/home goodies that are required for a vacation house. Let us know what sources you’d check out.


The floating bathroom cabinet is perfect for the small space. We didn’t want anything that felt too heavy since the bathroom is on the smaller scale. Paul thinks the Hudson Valley light fixture is perfect, while Becky is still on the fence. She needs to see a bit more when it all comes together. After Christmas we ran by Target and found some great baskets for towels to go under the vanity. We’ll show those in the final reveal!

Our stone guy from LA came out to do the measurements on the cabinets and we should have them next week! We picked this gorgeous slab of Perla Venata quartzite. It has a leathered finish and the veining is subtle. The kitchen slab will run up the wall as a backsplash so you will really be able to see how pretty it is. The bathroom backsplash is going to be a different material but the application will match the kitchen. If you remember from the bathroom post we are using a slab of marble that was left over from another project. Cost savings!!!!!


The finish texture of the walls is subtle and gives the house an old world feeling. The soft contrast between the walls and trim allows the eyes to easily move around the space. We used Dunn Edwards Milk Glass for the walls and the standard white for the trim. We think this is a perfect combination! As always, we look forward to bringing you another update soon! We’re down to the home stretch! Not much more remains. If you want to be one of the first people to stay at the house let us know!