Furniture Movers!

Our second weekend in Joshua Tree was a success! We met with a couple more property managers and got a lot of work done around the house. We were hoping to get an extra day of work in, but we had to come back to our normal jobs…


The outdoor shower is now complete (minus two stones and the extra long posts the contractor is going to cut for us). The fencing is up and stained, we will probably add a second coat this coming weekend along with planting the succulents. Becky wants to increase the amount of plants in the outdoor shower galley to include hanging plants from the fencing and potted plants. Of course Paul is totally behind that idea because he loves plants. It will be a great visual when inside and will help bring the outdoors in.


In talking to the other two property managers, they don’t seem to think the hot tub idea is quite as important as the first guy. We are happy about that and if need be, we can add one later down the line. We think the addition of a fire pit, lounge area and outdoor dining will be plenty for our guests to enjoy.


We brought in all of the furniture from the storage bin! It was great to finally see how things are going to look even though we are still missing some furniture. The banquette is Becky’s favorite part, she sat there the entire weekend. Well, except when we were outside building the fence! We are big dining table people so this was an important part for us. We have yet to find a table but when complete, this area will be a great gathering place for guests. Above this area, there is a hole waiting to receive a pendant light fixture. It should be going in next weekend if everything goes according to plan. On the wall beyond the banquette, we’re debating if artwork is required. Thoughts? We are open to ideas!


We are still working out some details in the bedrooms. We had to switch the bedroom layout due to closet doors being in the way but it all worked out fine, thankfully! Still to do: get some slats for the twin bed frames and bring the queen bed out to the site. We also need to find nightstands and end tables. That’s been a struggle for us for some reason. You’d think something so small wouldn’t be an issue.


The sofa area is coming along as well, we love the rug and sofa. Becky is not a fan of the bench in front of the sofa so we are on the hunt for something else. This is where being designers can hinder us. We know we can do better and it’s hard to settle, especially when we’re 90% there.

Next weekend we’ll be installing the the window treatments, working more on the bedrooms, hanging the remaining lights, and hopefully find a dining table and bedside tables.

Paul is looking forward to finally enjoying the outdoor shower, he may have to take one in the middle of the day when it’s warmer, but according to him… It will be totally worth it. Check back next week to see more progress!