So close to moving in!

Hello! We went out to the desert this past weekend and we were thrilled! So much had been accomplished that we were unaware of, which is always a nice surprise. We’re getting so close to crossing the finish line.


We woke up early on Saturday morning, turned on a true crime podcast and drove through the rain to meet the stone installers. As we went over the final little hill to get to the house we quickly noticed our house was no longer gray, but the final white coat was put on! Our hearts were immediately happy with the decision we made. Paul was a little skeptical about a white house, thinking it would be too bright, but thankfully that was not the case. The door contrasts nicely with the stucco color and we are thinking the fence around the outdoor shower should be stained a similar color. Adding some warmth with the stain color will help balance out the front door and make it feel more cohesive. Eventually we need to add some sort of shade structure over the front patio to shade the door from the harsh sun.


The back patio shows quite the transformation with the final stucco color and the sconces installed. Becky bought some string patio lights which we will hang in the coming weeks. Originally we were thinking of a dining area on the patio, but we have moved towards more of a lounge area. It will be the perfect outdoor hangout spot for our guests. We are hoping to go to the plant nursery in the coming weeks to get some trees/plants for the front and potted cacti/succulents for the back patio. Bringing in some greenery will really help it feel like an established home. One thing though… landscaping is expensive!!!!


Paul’s slab and tile from LA people are amazing and we wanted them to do the installation if possible to get the best product. The guys started installing the kitchen counters first. The stone was wet from all the rain which made it appear darker than Becky remembered. This scared her a little bit, but as it started to dry she was very excited. The counters were all cut with no seams, so we shouldn’t have any issues that can arise from seams in the counters. By cutting it in one piece you can really see the subtle veining and texture in the stone. The backsplash dramatically changed the space because we were so used to seeing the white drywall. The perfect amount of green/gray in the slab ties everything together.


The bathroom counter came next, which Paul was very excited about. The tile in the bathroom was installed last week and worked perfectly with the slab! It was a little bit of a guessing game because we never were able to hold the tile samples next to the slab. The tile has subtle blue, purple and pink undertones which tied it together nicely with the slab material. Even though we could temporarily install the kitchen faucet, we weren’t able to do it with the bathroom faucet. We are dying to see how the faucet looks next weekend. The final plumbing connections should be completed this week. Stay tuned, It’s gonna look crazy good.


Going back to the wall tile, the contractor was a little freaked out about how varied the coloring was. Of course we knew that from the beginning since we saw a sample at Saxum Tile Design Studio. We love the subtle color difference between tiles, how it really softens the room and makes it feel as if it’s been there for a long time.

Remaining To-Do’s in the bathroom: finalize our shower curtain, find cabinet hardware and buy some art.

Next weekend we will be at the Women’s March LA for Show Your Courage. We are hoping to meet a lot of wonderful people to help raise awareness about sexual abuse in this country and around the world. We’re hoping to head back to Joshua Tree on Sunday and stay the night so we can install the outdoor shower fence and pavers. Make sure to subscribe to our email list below so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!