Fresh Finds

Hello everyone. Labor Day sure came and went! The plus side of having Monday off of is that Friday comes quicker! Downside is we have less time for our fresh finds! Luckily for you we have some great ones this week. 

Paul had a vendor come in and show them some new products from Michael Trent Coates. We particularly like this console table. The long thin leg with the circle detail creates just enough interest to keep it from getting boring or looking too commercial. The square detailing of the coffee table legs gives a more custom vibe. It would be pretty simple and minimal without that little bit of detail. 

Continuing our lesson on detail we move to chair caning. We have started to see more and more caning details in furniture the past few years and we aren't sad about it! Sometimes it can be quite expensive, but the geometry it creates is worth every penny. We'd love to add caning to a bedroom closet/coat closet. The perforations would let the clothes breath and accentuate an otherwise plain closet door. The raw color of this caning with the creamy white is pure perfection!

We don't know if this is a barn or a house but we're ready to move in! The colors together are dreamy, especially with the natural stone on the columns! Jeffrey Dungan Architects designed this country farm house and you can see other photos of it here. We won't judge you for staring at his website for the next few hours, we did the same thing. 

Since everything always comes back around to Joshua Tree, Becky found these fun chairs for the patio. They are the right mix of modern meets midcentury. The color combination of the saffron and the pale blue is super fresh. An added plus would be comfort level! They look luxuriously soft. Sunset and summer drinks, please!  

Lastly, cowboy pools! We talked about this last month and since summer in Southern California is far from over, we got excited about this design at Joshua Tree Acres. Just think about when the cover is on the pool how many people you could have hanging out on the deck! It's too large for our place, but it works for them because they have multiple rental units. We definitely see the advantages of having somewhere to soak! 

Our happenings this weekend will involve The Pasadena Pops, friends and taking a yoga class together! (first time ever!) We're not sure when our next trip to the desert will be, but we doubt it'll be more than a week or two. Truth be told, we'll probably be dealing with the bank... loans are so fun! Until next time...