Lighting: Friend or Foe

We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We were busy Saturday, so so on Sunday and complete vegetables on Monday. It was blissful. We also managed to sneak in a few purchases for the property. We'll be showing off one sweet find a little later. #secondhandsecrets

One area of design that always seems to trip us up is lighting. When it comes to lighting we know exactly what we want, but sometimes that comes at a price that our wallets just don't agree with. In Joshua Tree, the lighting presented us with the most difficult task we have had regarding the design.

The first light we found was for the bathroom and we're committed to this one! This light set the tone for the rest of the lighting package, which proved quite difficult as we started looking around. At one point, when we first started construction we thought we had it all figured out. Once we went to organize it and place the order, we freaked and scrapped everything. After multiple rounds and a ton of back and forth, we're finally at a point where we feel confident and ready to move forward with a clear concept. 


Our first thought for the bedrooms was a light/fan combo but with a cooling unit in each room it seemed a bit unnecessary. Then we looked at ceiling mounted fixtures but our options were substantially reduced because we have sloped ceilings. So a pendant it is! We're contemplating soft white lanterns to accentuate the brightness of the rooms. The iconic mid-century design of these pendants have been used throughout many interiors and we think they're versatile enough to work for us. 


What do you do when you can't find what you are looking for?? Well for us, we turned to a custom fabricator for the dining room fixture. Custom always seems like the more expensive option, but in most cases (like ours) it actually fit within our budget. We both looked at thousands of light fixtures, literally, for the house and could not find a single one that inspired us both. Browsing through a magazine we stumbled upon a fixture that was close but not quite right. We altered it for our taste and space requirements via a few quick sketches. Wanting to make sure we were completely happy with what we designed Paul made a scale model of the light. The frame of the  fixture will be black iron with two different types of glass to create some interest, one seeded and one ribbed. We're super excited about this one!

Our kitchen light was another conundrum! Becky found a light she loved in a magazine, but as the design has evolved the light needed to change. As you probably saw in our Fresh Finds a couple weeks ago, Becky found this sconce from Restoration Hardware. We love the original design of this fixture, but the scale is too large for our space. Taking this basic design, adjusting the scale and details and fabricating with our iron worker will be perfect for the space. 

We didn't end up going out to the house this weekend. We hung out with friends, bought loads of bedding for the house, and planned some future adventures. Not to worry, we received photos from the contractor and windows and doors were installed! We can't wait to get back out there in a couple weeks to check on progress.