Busy week over here at LSLA!

We’re back already with the fresh finds of the week. We both look at so much inspiration that it makes sense for us to round them all up and show you the best of the best.

Our Pinterest was loaded with some amazing interiors this week. Not sure why we were getting such great photos on our feeds since we had multiple searches for tree houses and baby goats. First up is this sun filled photo Becky found. The clerestory windows on the edge of the ceiling are ingenious! We could sit there all day and watch the shadows dance across the room, always changing with the passing days.


Speaking of future projects - can we use these large panes of glass!? Talk about blending the interior and exterior, you literally feel like you are standing outside. These would be perfect down a long hallway or like in this example of a transition from public to private spaces. Parker would love to sit in this area and stare outside. Maybe if we built this for him he wouldn’t be so mad at us when we take him to the vet. (Good news though, earlier this week he had blood work and other testing done, Parker is in perfect health!)

opt 1.JPG
opt 3.JPG
option 2.1.jpg

Paul is currently working on a Spanish homes in the Burbank area and he gets to design custom tile for the master bathroom and kitchen. He started pulling some samples from Native Tile via our good friends at Saxum Tile Design. The only problem with these tiles is that we want to use them all! It is so hard to find the perfect option, hopefully our client doesn’t have as much difficulty. Which is your favorite???

We found this house in Arizona that is so simple, yet so intriguing and the mix of materials is on point! The light creamy stucco mixed with the rusted metal roof and the stone façade is the perfect combination to not draw a lot of attention, but when you notice them you can’t stop staring. Having black trim around the windows and doors unify the different components of the building.

To wrap up our Fresh Finds let’s take a second to talk about Custom Comfort Mattress. If you are like us, when you hear their name you immediately think custom is going to be expensive but that is not the case! CCM is setting themselves apart from the competition because they offer custom solutions in addition to their standard line. We are partnering with Custom Comfort Mattress for Joshua Tree and we couldn’t be more excited! CCM has been making all of their mattresses here in Southern California for over 30 years. They use American steel for the coils and all natural materials for the rest of the mattress instead of gels and foams that end up in the landfill for 100 years after a mattress is disposed of. Paul was able to test out the mattresses last weekend and we are going this weekend to finalize our order. Prepare for one hell of a night’s rest!