The Traveler's Retreat

Hello! We hope everyone had a great weekend. We didn’t do anything too exciting. We cleaned the house and canned some homemade tomato sauce to have during the winter months. Of course, we had to make two batches because we ate so much of the first one that we only got a few cans….oops. Today we wanted to show you the Traveler’s Retreat from the Pasadena Showcase earlier this year. The 2019 showcase walk through is coming up quickly and Paul is one of the advisers so he will be around to see all the beautiful designs take shape.


The Traveler’s Retreat was given to Parker West Interiors at the last minute, and they did a great job with the space. It really reflects Paul and Greg’s (Paul’s boss) design aesthetic. Paul and Greg knew the space was intended to be a guest room and were inspired by the homeowner’s request for black grass cloth for the walls. Rather than do a typical guest room with a regular bed they added two twin beds that work as day beds/sofas when there aren’t any guests in town. The twin beds they used are antiques from Susanne Hollis, one of the best antique stores in the area. Susanne Hollis and her son travel all over the world sourcing antiques for their store. Everything in their inventory has such a great story. A favorite item in the room is the rug from Aga John. The triangles are raised with a higher pile which gives it a great texture and increased depth.

5J1A4815 (2).jpg

Because the project was given to Parker West at the last minute and was on an incredible expedited schedule they pulled left over fabrics from their inventory for all of the bedding and pillows. Their upholsterer was able to quickly make everything they needed. It’s great how cohesive all of the fabrics are even though they happen to be leftover from many different projects. We love the orange hexagon pillows, not something you see very often!

Underneath the tan cover is a twin mattress from Custom Comfort Mattress. They specialize in handcrafted comfort and exceptional detailing. We’re lucky enough to be partnering with Custom Comfort Mattress for our Joshua Tree homestead. They will be supplying us with three mattresses that will make our guests never want to get out of bed. The comfort level is crazy good! Appearing at JT, you might also see some of these throw pillows! We’re all about re-using! No need to waste :)


This Korean chest was another exceptional antique on loan from Susanne Hollis. It’s crazy that people used to have beautiful pieces of furniture in their houses such as this. Less and less people have access and interest in antiques. Most of the furniture that people have doesn’t come with a story or much history at all. We live for antiques and collected items that have meaning. Our house is full of them… and some garage sale finds…but those have a story too! The same concept is being used for Joshua Tree. We want a collected vibe. It’s always more approachable and homey… in our opinions.


The traveler’s suite wouldn’t be complete without a bathroom! The plumbing supplies are from a company in the UK called Crosswater. This particular line has a retro/art deco vibe to it. Like most houses every room has its challenges. In this bathroom there was a window behind the mirror which needed to be accessible. Paul and Greg designed a sliding mirror to go in front of the window so that you could still operate it. It worked out perfectly and was a topic of conversation all throughout the show’s duration.


The showstopper in the bathroom had to be this custom water jet cut marble Paul got from Saxum Tile. We love working with Saxum tile and they were super helpful at sourcing the various types of marble and having them cut into that star pattern. It’s always fun to add something super custom to projects when it’s possible.

We hope you all enjoyed looking at the photos and maybe we will see some of you at the 2019 Pasadena Showcase!