Fresh Finds Friday

We are here with your Fresh Finds and these may be the freshest of the fresh finds we’ve found! If that isn’t a tongue twister, what is?!

First up we have No. 12 Studio, Becky found them while sourcing some imagery for a project and instantly fell in love. Their work is gorgeous and we can’t stop staring at all the great rooms they have created. If you want to get in a real rabbit hole, go to their Pinterest! We will find you next week. It was very hard to focus on just two images for the blog, but we pulled these two because they really show the elements that No. 12 Studio has perfected. That lighting, mixed with the fun shaped accessories and furniture! Swoon!!

Let’s talk about this bathroom for a few moments. The space is brought together flawlessly by using common materials and simple straight forward fixtures. You don’t have to get fancy to have a well designed space. It’s more about the natural daylight, minimal color palette, and texture combination that draws us to this image. To have a bathroom as big as this is a true luxury but we love what’s been created. We may have to think about something like this for the next house we design. Any minimalist fans out there?

We’re pretty sure that bathroom could be hiding in this house! The way they express the materials is very similar. With modest colors, common and familiar textures, and relaxed vibes, this house inspires a life with less. It looks like a home that is lived in and welcoming. No worries to be had should dings and scrapes occur. I bet mom and dad wouldn’t be mad if the kids hit a baseball into the side wall… just avoid the windows!

Becky is currently working on a commercial office space where black, white and soft pink are the inspirational colors. They are hoping to use pink glass for the main office walls, which we can’t wait to see. But in her search for inspirational photos she came across this one and it’s simply the best. Is the graphic tile thing over? Hope not, because that’s our favorite part!

In contrast to all of the modern stuff we post, here is a beautiful entry way that we wouldn’t mind having either! That bright blue door would make anyone’s day happier when they finally make it home. We can tell by the glimpse inside and all the moulding outside that the details of this house are superb! Let us in!!!!!!!

Both of us are looking forward to relaxing this weekend and maybe finding some fun stuff for the house! We never turn down a weekend yard/estate sale so we might be out and about a little bit! Is this a thing other people like to do? Stalk estate sales?! What’s the best thing you’ve ever come home with? Tell ussssss :)