September Update - Joshua Tree Homestead

This week we are riding high because we saw a lot of progress out at our desert escape. Traffic was non existent going East so that was an early morning blessing. We made it in what seemed like record time. Another happy moment is that we were able to share our progress with 2 of our close friends.


The big changes that have taken place since our last visit include windows, doors, rough plumbing and the start of rough electrical. The electrical panel in on site and should get installed this week. A payment has also been sent to Southern California Edison so we should have power by the end of the month, which would be marvelous! In talking with our friends, we were reminded that’s it’s been over a year since we put our offer in on the place. Not going to lie, we thought we would be finished by now but it’s all a process. Getting the checks cut from the bank has been our biggest block. Not surprising…

The front door is the fist thing hinting at the final look and design. It’s a solid mahogany door with a custom stain. The door was bleached to remove some of the natural color and then the stain was applied after. It’s a warm wood with a modern design. We will have to maintain it as it’s in a South facing wall but as we did some research, there really wasn’t an ideal door material for South facing elevations. Luckily, there is a decent overhang which will provide some protection.

For the windows, we went with white frames to keep it airy and light. They slide vertically rather than horizontally because the vertical lines make the space feel taller. We didn’t want to cut the windows in half horizontally because that would shorten the room visually. #protip


Beyond the doors and windows, we walked the layout and reviewed the plumbing and electrical as well as light fixtures. We made few adjustments in the field with the contractor who unexpectedly showed up. All and all, we’re moving along and starting to see the space take shape.

We’ll probably let another 3-4 weeks go by again before we go back. We have a few busy weekends ahead of us. As soon as we have more updates, even if they’re from the contractor, we’ll bring them to you. Until next time…