Our Friday Fresh Finds

Hey everyone. It’s been a busy week for us. Between our 9-5’s, Joshua Tree, and the blog, we’re trying to keep things moving and grooving. We are hoping you like what we brought you this week for our Friday Fresh Finds!

Alert! We have found our dream kitchen! We probably say that a lot but it’s for real this time! It’s modern with clean details but warm with materials and textures. So cozy! That’s kind of our mixed aesthetic. Paul is modern but Becky needs a space to feel warm and inviting. We love the idea of mixing stained and painted cabinets with natural materials incorporated throughout. Texture is also a key design element that creates dynamic and one of a kind spaces. We like when spaces have tactile experiences. This kitchen does wonders with just that. Becky saved this photo to our “casa” board on Pinterest, which means she wants it in our forever home.

Paul recently took a Departures magazine from his office. For those of you who don’t know, it is a great magazine for vacation inspiration and super high end fashion. Of course, most of the things cost a bazillion dollars in the magazine, but it’s always fun to look… right?? This resort in Cambodia was featured and we found the design to be right on point. Typically not a huge fan of white and black, but there is a nice balance to this design. Again- texture, color, patterns, solids… lovely! Cambodia… you’ve been added to the bucket list.

Why talk about 1 hotel when we can talk about 2? Not far from our home base is this beauty — The Hotel California in Palm Springs! Of course we can check out, but we can never leave. And why would we want to! This place is gorgeous and with the weather finally starting to cool off, who wouldn’t want a staycation here? All we need is a bed, swimming pool and a cocktail…or 2.

deVOL Kitchens is a cabinet company out of England and the easiness of their designs is very alluring. Something about the way they present themselves feels so relaxed, timeless and beautiful. Of course their work is close to Paul’s heart because he loves UK design. We will be saving both of these kitchens to our “farmlife” Pinterest board! Just through the design, a calmness and slowness is felt. Sooo in love. We need 12 houses… ha!

Up next for the two of us is a much needed trip to Joshua Tree. We don’t know what we’re excited about most! It’s been about 3 weeks since we last saw our place and it’s killing us to not know what’s been done. We are hoping to bring you a nice big post next week with all the updates. Until then have a great weekend and enjoy the last weeks of summer for our West Coast people and the beginning of fall for the East Coast!