Fresh Finds

Hey guys and gals! We are going to try something new for FriYAY. Each week we are going to post our freshest finds of the week. We see a lot of design and inspiration every day and we want to share with you some of our favorites from the week! This will include our favorite Instagram and Pinterest posts as well as some of the great stuff our vendors have to show off.

So funny story about this photo...Becky pinned it on Pinterest and the next day Paul pinned it as well. Clearly we love everything about this kitchen. The extra shelf below the upper cabinet is perfect for spices or your favorite coffee mug. We are not quite sure how the upper cabinet doors work (sliding or normal hinges), but the overall design is on point!

Becky pinned this photo and we love everything about it! The detailed black and white wallpaper does  not outshine the rest of the space. It's a great compliment to the room. After spending last weekend looking for the bedding to refresh our personal bedroom we can appreciate what is going on here. Bedding is hard! This headboard, however, ...heart eyes!!!

Earlier in the week Paul visited the Texston showroom to pick some plaster samples for a client. They're consistently developing new product and the list of favorites just keeps growing. The black one with the white stripes is a personal favorite. It's bold and completely unexpected. We love that! Pretty sure that pattern would rock in some other colorways. We might have to find a place to use that stat!

Another find from the week is Cle Tile. No joke, they have some of the most beautiful tile around. Their design team is superb and this photo shows off one very special tile. The soft variation in the color keeps things interesting and timeless. The handmade quality adds to the overall appeal for us. We love when tile looks handmade. There's just a quality of material that comes through in the final product.

The next two ideas came from Becky going down a Pinterest rabbit hole! The vague entry points were what peaked our interest. Does a front door have to be what most are today? Why are front doors celebrated and a main focal point of a house? Not saying it's wrong but the question begs exploration.  Last week Paul designed a conceptual house and Becky found these great ideas for ways to incorporate a private entry/regulate temperature through design which challenged Paul's concept and will help take it to another iteration. Perhaps the architects of the two images above drew upon Frank Lloyd Wright who would hide the entry. Our curiosity is peaked, is yours? 

Hopefully you enjoyed looking at our "Fresh Finds", we hope to bring you many more ideas and designs for your viewing pleasure! Subscribe below to see what inspires us weekly.