This weeks "Fresh Finds"

Can you believe it's Friday already!?!? We don't know about you, but we are super pumped to have an extra day this weekend. Hope you enjoy these Fresh Finds as much as we do. 

So remember that book that Paul is reading, Farm Life, well he is almost finished with it and is kind of bummed out about that. This week he read about a farm/resort in Sweden called Stedsans in the Woods. It is a farm located next to Hallasjon Lake right in the middle of the a forest. They practice sustainability and focus on quality over quantity. Stedsans in the Woods is completely off the grid, producing about 90% of their own resources. Coffee, chocolate and wine are the three items they consume but don't produce. We don't judge. We can't and wouldn't want to live without those either! Click here to make your reservations!

This week we have two lights on our list that we love. The first light is this pendant from Usona (above). The balance and simplicity of this fixture is what makes it so unique and so so soooo beautiful. It doesn't demand a lot of attention, but once you notice you are intrigued. Wouldn't this be amazing over a long kitchen island? 

Next up would be the Corda Lamp from Sossego Design. Obviously we tend to lean towards simplistic and modern lighting. Modern lighting works well in just about any space. The juxtaposition of modern lighting in a traditional space adds an unexpected moment and that's always desirable!

Our favorite tile store, Saxum Tile, is getting the new French Quarter Collection from Mosaique Surface and we are in love! Let's just stare at those patterns for a few minutes...…...and now let's talk about them. Becky really likes the top left tile, the inner grandmother in her is smiling. While Paul's favorite would have to be the top right. Honestly, we could have any of these in our house and be completely happy. Couldn't you imagine that bottom right in a sunroom filled with plants and books? We would never leave that space. 


This last Fresh Find Paul found in the magazine Flower. Something about those emerald walls with the floral arrangement just pops. And of course the traditional painting and fireplace mantel caught our eyes. We don't have fresh flowers in the house often, but we love the extra pop of color and smell they fill the room with on those rare and mostly random occasions. If you have an empty vase on display, it's easy to pick up some flowers from the farmer's market (or the supermarket) and throw them in with little effort.

We hope everyone has a great extra long weekend and get to do something fun. If you pass a market, stop, smell and pick up the flowers!