Desert Update

Hi again! This past weekend we went out to the desert and saw incredible progress on the house. It's finally starting to look like a real home! We're pretty stoked about where construction is. There's more to go but we're being told that by the end of this week the only way you'll be able to gain access is by unlocking the front door! Gone are the days where you could just walk in through random openings and missing walls!


That's right everyone, the windows and doors are going to be installed this week so we will be all locked up and ready for a dance party. Although we may miss the nice breeze that goes through the house we are extremely happy to have everything inside secure. When the house was built in 1957 we don't think they installed any doors or windows. There were no signs of what may have been there, just openings. 


The first thing we had to do Saturday morning was pick up our doors and drive them out. They will all be paint grade with the exception of the front door.  Above is a sneak peek photo of what that beauty looks like! We went with a mahogany door and had it bleached and finished with a light brown stain to get that perfect warm color! We are very excited about how it is going to look with cream colored stucco and bright green cacti. We've finally made some decisions as it pertains to the exterior. We were incredibly indecisive for a long time. Deadlines sometimes help speed the process up.


The roof also saw major progress. The contractor has to replace a few beams and install the base layer of plywood. Sound simple, it wasn't. Currently we only have two exterior walls that are at a 90 degree angle, the others are all at different degrees. Also, instead of running the ceiling joist parallel they are in a radial layout from the center. What does that mean in terms of labor? Well, each piece of plywood has to be cut to fit. There isn't a single full sheet of plywood on our roof because of the way it was initially designed. Talk about insane....we aren't jealous of the workers, but we are very thankful. 


The contractor also managed to put up all of the interior walls . Now we can really get a sense of what the bedrooms and bathroom will feel like. When interior walls are put into any space it automatically feels super small. Most people would have freaked out at this stage. Our clients usually require a lot of reassurance during the framing stage because it's tough to visualize. The house is small and cozy but we think we've laid it out in a way that makes the most of the space. 


As we sat on the ground inside and looked around, we ate a little picnic and had a few small visitors. Mr. Ant and Mrs. Anthill. It was like playing that game where you hit beavers heads at the arcade...we were stomping those bad boys right and left! It really wasn't that bad but we look forward to the day when we have an actual table and dining chairs. Speaking of furniture, on Sunday we started looking at furniture and fabrics for the interior. We have ideas about what we want, but we haven't nailed down any decisions. We are to the point now that once we make a decision we are sticking to it! No more back and forth. No more second guessing ourselves. We're just going to make a decision and commit! 

We are hoping to make it back to the house next weekend to see the windows and doors! Come back next week for another update.