Fresh Finds

We are back here to show you our fresh finds for the week! Make sure to read the update regarding the Joshua Tree house at the bottom.

Our first fresh find has to be La Casa Pequena or the little house. It is in Oaxaca Mexico and is to die for. You may have seen it on Paul's Instagram and if you did then you know everyone agrees because it got over 5,000 likes! Clearly the designers of this house know what they are doing. We found them on Boutique Homes Instagram and quickly found out that you can actually rent this place out for your next vacation....we know where we are going next!

We found this GORGEOUS bed while looking for some furniture for a client. Wouldn't it look gorgeous in our dream house that we found last week? The traditional style bed with a modern twist. Four poster beds have been around for centuries, but it's not every day that you see one made of beautiful walnut with super sleek lines. DROOOOOLLLLLLLLL.

laminated plywood shelf 2.jpg
laminated plywood.jpg

Becky is pulling together some ideas for a commercial project. She is hoping the clients will go for these laminated plywood cabinets she found. It's sometimes nice to express the materials as they are instead of trying to hide them. Many cabinets are made of plywood because it is more stable than solid wood, but usually the builders put a veneer on the end so you don't see all the layers. Showing off the laminated layers adds to the interest when doing a super simple design. It's all about those raw materials. 

Paul's parents got him the book "Farm Life" for his birthday. One of the farms he read about this week was Daylesford Farms. Daylesford Farms is a sustainable and organic farm in the Cotswalds. Paul's family has stayed close by when they took a European vacation a few years back. Daylesford Farms has created not just a farm, but a bed & breakfast, a restaurant, a store and a school. While visiting you can take cooking and botanical classes, all while staying in their fabulous rooms. We are putting this on our list of vacation spots too! Our bucket list just keeps getting longer and longer. 

To end our fresh finds, we'll talk about our baby, the Joshua Tree house. We have spent a lot of hours agonizing over the landscaping. We are not landscapers and don't know much about plants, and more specifically drought tolerant plants, except that we like them and want to incorporate some into the property. We want a tree or two on the property, but don't want to plant something that needs constant water. It needs to look natural and Becky found the Desert Willow. We have to do a little more research, but we think this would look perfect by our house! We love the soft purple/pink flowers and the bright green leaves. 

We're going out to the house this weekend to drop off the doors and check the status of everything. As we said before, the interior walls are done and the roof is 85%. They will finish the roof and install the windows/doors next week! Hopefully the rough electrical will get started as well so we can plan our next steps. The excitement of having an airtight and fully enclosed house is amazing. This will be the first time since the 50's. CRAZY!