Fresh Finds

Back at you with our fresh finds for the week!

This week Paul found the website Circa Old Houses and we can't get enough of it. They post older homes across the country that are for sale. We are talking about beautiful old homes that are move in ready. The one pictured above is one that Paul found and we are green with envy! Unfortunately, this would require us relocating to Maryland. We'd still come back and visit California! Seriously though, this house is hella dreamy and a video via the website shows off the period details inside. Our imagination is on overdrive thinking of what this could become. Why don't they have stuff like this in LA?

You might be wondering how we go from something so traditional to this clean and simple Scandinavian inspired kitchen. That is just how our brains work. One reason we became designers is because we love everything and want to surround ourselves with all the different styles. Of course, we can't have every style in one house but we can dream about having 12 houses, one in every style we're obsessed with. I think it's just part of being designers. We appreciate a wide variety of design aesthetics. Spoiler Alter: In JT we're going to have slab counters and matching slab backsplash similar to what's pictured above. 


For a meeting this week, Paul went to Descanso Gardens and found inspiration in the outdoor landscaping. The concrete design mixed with the modern planters could be a cool way to define some of our outdoor spaces in Joshua Tree. 

Olson and Kundig is an architecture firm in Seattle who's style is very simple, creative, and modern. The Rolling Huts they designed are pretty inspirational. The idea that they can move around and are grouped together as a "herd" opens the mind and offers a new way to look at architecture. Why are we stuck in one place? Why can't we move around and still be comfortable? As the site changes we should be able to change and adapt

Last but not least....we have been struggling to select a final lighting package for Joshua Tree but we think we may have found an idea for a sconce we want to install above the kitchen window. This would be in addition to recessed can lights. This light pictured above is not quite the right size. It's a little deeper than we want but thankfully Paul's iron worker can make just about anything we dream up. We've already teamed up with them to help manufacture a custom fixture above the dining table and now we'll probably sketch a design for the the kitchen sconce and add it to his to-do's. Custom is always a nice alternative when you can't find that perfect item. For us, it happened to be lighting. Custom is always thought to be more expensive too but that's not always the case. It just takes a little time and research to find the right professional for the job.

We aren't going out to Joshua Tree this weekend but we heard from the contractor that the interior walls are up and the roof is starting to take shape! (Replacing some damage)

More progress was made today when our wood finisher picked up the doors to take back to his shop and work his magic. Stay tuned to see what finish we selected for the front door. We'll get back out there next weekend and keep bringing you updates as they happen.

Do something fun this weekend! Like rehab an old property... :)