Cowboy Pool?

Hello Readers! 

Today we want to show you an idea we've learned of and see if it's something we should add to our desert retreat out in Joshua Tree. This probably floated  into our minds as we're in the midst of extremely warm temperatures. (Not looking forward to this months electric bill!) We've run our air more this summer than we have since we moved to California - 5+ years. It's no surprise that the weather can be crazy hot out in the desert so we're wondering if we should add a "cowboy pool." Also known as "Stock Tank Pool." 

It's basically an 8' round galvanized steel tub that you'd buy from a Tractor Supply store. Traditionally they are used to keep baby chickens or small animals safe. Well, now people are getting creative and using them as outdoor soaking tubs. It holds up to 700 gallons of water and has the flexibility to install filters, fillers and basic pool equipment. There's articles and blog posts all over the place talking about how to install these tanks as well as the tough lessons learned when trying the DIY route. 

We love the idea of a place to cool off, relax and enjoy but we're also a little concerned about maintenance and if it makes sense to have one when we're not living there full time. As designers, though, we can't just plop one on the yard somewhere. We had to dream up a variety of shade structures to cover or partially cover potential swimmers/soakers. We also had to dream up seating and lighting and all the extras... Naturally. It just happens! We can't help it. 

Let us know your thoughts/experiences and what designs you like. We'll keep you in the loop and let you know what we decide.