We Have Walls: JT Update!

You guys!!!!! We went out to JT this weekend to check in on the contractor and see if anything recognizable had been done. Of course he has been doing work, but it's all underground boring stuff and we wanted to see walls!! You would think as designers we would know a lot goes into the infrastructure but just like you, we want to see big changes. 


We were so excited when we got to the property because it actually looks like a house! We have new window and door openings, exterior shear walls and the new utility room and closet addition is all framed out! After sending check after check to the contractor we thought there had to be something to finally see. To say we were pleasantly surprised is an understatement. We probably spent an hour just standing inside smiling, we really didn't want to leave, but there wasn't much for us to do. 


At the front door we have a new landing that is double the size of the original step. We're thinking some potted plants/succulents will look perfect out there. We're already started tagging potted plants at home to take to JT. We have to order the front door this week so we need to finalize what we want. Originally we wanted a bleached mahogany door with pink stucco, but as things move along this may change as well.

In order to figure out the front door we need to finalize the stucco color. If we go with a premixed color the choices are limited. LaHabra is one of the main stucco supplied and their colors can be viewed here. Feel free to offer up some suggestions! We're not sold on any of them to be honest. Do we just go out there and paint over it? That would be a Paul and Becky project.... thoughts! Has anyone painted over LaHabra Stucco? Do they offer custom colors? Clearly, we need to research this further. 


It's amazing to see the huge difference from when we first saw the place to where we are now. Luckily this house scared everyone away so we were able to sneak in and grab it. 

The picture below is the new utility area.  This is where the washer/dryer will live as well as plenty of storage for all the necessities our guests require. It's more storage than we were expecting to get but we will put it to good use. This also allowed for an additional closet in one of the bedrooms. It's no walk-in closet but it will be enough room for a week in the desert. No one likes living out of a suitcase so we wanted to make as many storage solutions as possible.


We don't think it would be a Joshua Tree post without mentioning the outdoor shower. What do you guys think regarding fencing around the shower? Should the fence start at the ground and finish higher than your head?  (OR)  Should we lift it off the ground and not build it as high so you're only covered where the sun doesn't shine?! Opinions are welcome!

Stay tuned for some dining room details!