Bathroom Design Ideas

Design time!

We are diving into the design of our JT homestead and want to start with the bathroom because it's going to be so pretty that we want to share it first!

A major milestone occurred last week- we passed our first inspection! that's right folks! We are now moving and grooving.


The contractor is going to start framing the new walls and adding plywood shear walls next week! We had a meeting with him a couple of weeks ago where we talked schedule and budget and we had to put our foot down regarding a completion date. It seems since then that we're gaining traction and making things happen! We can't contain our excitement and look forward to our first overnight stay. It's such a drag to drive out in the morning, stay for a few hours and head back. 


One thing we needed was a generously sized vanity. We wanted to make sure we had enough storage and counter top space for our guests. We plan on installing a cantilevered vanity, painted in a light gray. We're thinking of putting a floating shelf below it for some extra towels but that detail hasn't been worked out. We're going to offset the sink to give a little more counter space on one side rather than a small amount on both sides. We we're able to find a slab remnant which we're hoping to use as the counter. We love how the veins are reminiscent of the mountains right out the windows.


Becky designed the cut round mirror to be centered on the sink. Of course, that will have to be custom fixture. Using the same stone as the counter, we'll have a tall back splash and wall mounted faucet. The pendant  light fixture over the vanity in the bathroom is the only light fixture that we have liked from the beginning. As the project evolves so does our design, but that light remains consistent. 


Our generous friends at the Toto Gallery LA are providing the Vespin II toilet and Washlet. What is a Washlet you ask? Well its similar to a bidet, but everything is built into the toilet seat. While Becky is still unsure about this Paul is totally on board. He's much more familiar with this product. Paul thinks that once anyone uses it, they'll never want to return back to a standard seat....we shall see... There are perks to the Washlet other than a happy bum! The Washlet reduces the amount of toilet paper required which is great for the environment, our septic tank and our wallet. It's also far more hygienic! If you want to see more about how it works google their YouTube videos. They're informative but also make you giggle a little.


So as we mentioned a couple weeks ago we are going with concrete floors throughout the house. Yay for maintenance free and naturally cool floors! We were going to do a stone wainscot with a gorgeous limestone, but it didn't look so great with the new concrete floors. We had to select something different. We went over to our favorite tile store, Saxum and found a new wall tile to get jazzed about.  Even thought the tile is mass produced it has a great handmade look and feel to it. We love the glossy white tile with a sleek matte white tub in front. Just install it already! 


1. Hayes Light Fixture 2. Remnant Marble 3. Jacobean Wall Mounted Faucet 4. Newport Brass Finish 5. Jacobean Tub and Shower Faucets 6. Saxum 7. Opal Tub 8. Hammered Door Hardware 9. Vespin II Toilet and Washlet

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