Construction Update!

Hello! It's been about a month since we last checked on the house, so we figured it was time to check in. We headed out to Joshua Tree early on Saturday morning and met with the contractor to see what's been going on!


The biggest task was getting water to the property. Since our property is about 2 miles away from paved roads it's different than building in the city and tapping into the city water line required an extensive dig. Typically water is at the edge of your property and you run a water line from the meter to the house. In our case the water meter was about 450 feet away from the house. This presented some challenges as the meter was on another person's property and we were required to cross a dirt road. The contractor ran the waterline along the edge of the adjacent properties and when they got to the road they moved quickly. This did not cause a gridlock because...well, because only 2-4 cars pass by daily! That's one of the many reasons we chose the location. 


The water waste lines were cut into the concrete slab in the bathroom and kitchen area. Along with the very important (to Paul) outdoor shower. The contractor had the footings and slab dug out for the new laundry and storage addition. Becky is excited about all of the extra storage we are going to get, this will enable us to keep extra house necessities out of view for visitors and guests.


Over the last month a few changes have been made to the original design. We are going to keep the concrete floors instead of doing tile. Not only will it be maintenance free, but it will work with the design aesthetic we are going with. Ok, honestly there was a nice cost savings too which is always enticing! A second change was made to the windows, another cost savings! Finally, the bathroom wall tile was reselected to work better with the concrete floors. Fingers crossed it all works out! We're currently trying to select lighting and it's HARRRDDD! Any and all suggestions appreciated. Bedroom pendants specifically...that will work on a sloped ceiling....and GO!

Later this week Paul is going to work on some renderings to show everyone how the space is going to look. Keep coming back for more.