Hydro Systems Factory Tour

Hello Hellooooo! Last week was crazy busy but crazy fun. Paul's parents were in town visiting from Ohio. We showed them our little cabin in the desert, climbed rocks, visited the Getty Villa, ate great food and toured the Hydro Systems factory where we picked up our tub for the house. 


Hydro Systems is a family owned/operated business that was started in 1978. They pride themselves on creating products that are not only made in the USA but that are environmentally friendly. They are currently updating their air filtration system to maintain the 99% elimination of emissions into the atmosphere. Hydro Systems is also run completely on solar power panels that they mounted to the roof of the building! That's crazy!! We love how important that is and how it's built into their company culture.


Hydro Systems keeps all of the designs they have created over the years on their racking system, it's amazing to see hundreds of bathtubs of all shapes and sizes stacked up to the ceiling. If we gave out best guess as to the number of styles and shapes that are offered, we never would even come close. There were so many! Becky spotted a heart shaped mold that was once manufactured. Not sure if it was part of their running line or if it was just a custom for a client. Regardless, it was a heart shaped tub!!!!! 


For the desert retreat, we selected the Opal tub from Hydro Systems. Becky is drooling over the fact that she will have a bomb bathtub!  The Opal bathtub is a solid composite tub. They pour a liquid mixture, much like pancake batter, into a huge form and then bake the tub for a predetermined amount of time. In the photo below they are filling another tub design with the same mixture. Once the tubs are removed from their forms, excess is removed and the finishing touches are applied. Skilled workers have perfected their craft and the tubs come out looking as just as beautiful as new car on the showroom floor! 


Thanks so much to Hydro Systems for the tour, tub, and cutsheets! We can't wait to enjoy it in Joshua Tree.