Demo: Day 1

Hey everyone! We started the painstaking task of cleaning up the property and getting it ready for construction. For many years people thought it would be easier to dump their trash on our property instead of taking it to the landfill. (Lucky us!) This is true in many areas of the desert. Sometimes you'll be driving along the back roads and see a random mattress or some trash bags sitting out. Thankfully, with more homesteads being restored and good Samaritans this is happening less and less. 


A few weekends ago we started clearing the property of garbage and debris. Counting only the exterior, we filled a 2 yard dumpster with all of the lovely site garbage or "desert debris" as Paul likes to call it. Among the contents were an old Christmas tree, 10 or so mattress springs, multiple tires and a slew of other items we don't want to bore you mentioning. Needless to say, there was a lot. We feel like the bushes and trees can finally take a deep breath! 


This past weekend we tackled the inside! That was quite the challenge. We filled a 40 yard dumpster with all the random inside stuff. Even though it was a lot of work it felt great to finally get it all cleaned out. We were never really able to get inside the space  completely to get a sense and feel for how much space we were actually working with. Now that we are able to see the entire space we know the plan we came up with is really going to work. It's also nice to see the views from the interior side!! 


In the space pictured above the bathroom will be to the left of the photo and the bedroom will be in the back corner. 


In the space pictured above we are adding two windows under the existing transom windows and this will be where our dining room is. 


In the space pictured above to the right of the photo will be where the living room is and the second bedroom is in the back corner. 

Our next item to tackle is stucco removal... Yikes! That will be a big challenge, but we are hoping that by pushing forward, it will get everyone else excited and our project will move quicker. We got the soils report back and the septic tank designers are hard at work (definitely don't envy their job). Head over to Paul's Instagram and see a shot of our new faucet from Newport Brass...we are in love, even though it's just in the box! This is the stuff we LOVE!