Joshua Tree Update!

You have waited long enough, the Joshua Tree cabin plans are here! We are waiting on corrections from San Bernardino County, but we figured it was time to let our viewers in on the details.  

jt plan.JPG

1. We kept the location of the existing front "door", but as you know there is no actual door. We are thinking a modern, bleached mahogany door will be a nice first impression for guests. The small circles scattered in the front yard represent landscape of some sort, that will come later. 

2. When you walk in the front door you'll see the feature wall and dining room straight ahead. We are adding two additional windows on that wall and possibly a fun mosaic tile. Built-in banquet seating and a large dining table will give us plenty of room for games and great food. We use our current dining table a lot and want to make sure we have the same in JT.

3. To the right of the front door is the living room area. Some casual seating, built in bookcase and a record player are all we need. Paul's parents had a slight heart attack when we told them we were not going to have a TV, but the reason for our vacation house is to get away from the big city and be able to disconnect. We know Wi-fi is a must so we'll have that to watch movies and shows online if we can't live without it. 

4. The kitchen is not big at all, but thankfully with the large open room we can both be use the kitchen area and feel as if we are not on top of each other. Open shelving will help keep it light and balanced with the living room. Our current design has olive green cabinets, with a light gray stone counter/backsplash and an antique nickel faucet from Newport Brass! We're taking some risks but that's what makes it fun. 

5. One thing Becky requested when we were searching for a home was that we had to be able to fit a bathtub somewhere. We are putting a beautiful Hydrosystem free standing tub right in front of the window with great views of the mountains. We don't really have to worry about people looking in because it's pretty remote property, but if you prefer more privacy you can pull the full length shower curtain in front of the window. 

6. One of Paul's requests was an outdoor shower. A fence and native cacti will help with privacy but it's important  that the landscape remains visible. If showing outside isn't quite your thing, there is a rain head inside for the cold tonight it's going to get down to 39 degrees! 

7. The first bedroom will have two beds, making it easier for guests to stay. The other bedroom has a large bed perfect for couples. We may switch the rooms around, but they are basically a mirror of each other so there won't be any issues. We'll have to sort out all of the furniture once we get closer. 

8. This area is the 50 +/- square foot addition, bringing the total to 725 square feet. We wanted to have a washer and dryer, but also wanted it to be closed off if we were to rent out the cabin. The extra storage isn't so bad either. You never seem to have enough storage. 

9. The "U" shape of the house drew us in from the very beginning. We love the central courtyard! It has privacy from the street for the two cars that drive by per day, but it also has some shading from the sun. We are extending the patio to soak in all the great vistas and give us a place to eat and lounge.

IMG_6973 2.jpg

We hope this plan get's you as excited as we are. We're trying to have some restraint in buying things for the house until we actually start construction, but to be honest it is VERY hard. We've collected a few items since the purchase in November and it's so hard not to look 24/7.  After all, we are designers and  this is what we love most!

(btw, the Joshua Tree in the photo above is on our property and has been named JTT, all the 90's kids will know what we mean)

See you at the next update. DEMO DAY!!!!!!!!!!!