Drywall and more!

Who’s ready for the best update yet!??!?!

Last weekend we rented a large moving truck on and headed out to the desert with our cabinets and appliances. This truck was larger than anything we’d driven before and we had a great time in it! The visors were like 30” long and the views were better from way up there! We were able to see a whole new world… like trees and the insides of people’s cars… No shame!


We got out to the house where we saw significant progress being made. The scratch coat was on the exterior of the house, meaning the stucco layer that goes on before the finish color. Even though it is darker than what the house will be, it is more like a finished house than ever before. I mean, we have doors, and windows, and they all operate… well!


Inside the workers are mudding the drywall. We are going with a Mission style finish which gives the walls a little bit of a texture, but appears smooth in most places. The only issue with doing drywall right now is it gets so cold that the mud doesn’t dry quickly. The painters would like to start this Wednesday, but it all depends on how quickly everything dries.


As you all know, the house has never had fully enclosed rooms or drywall before so the before and after pictures are insane. We had over four feet of trash in some areas with no doors or windows. From the beginning we wanted to make sure we brought in more natural light so we added a few windows to the house. We actually forgot what the space looked like before and were reminded of the new windows we cut in. It makes a huge difference!


We took out the final light fixtures and opened the bedroom sconces just so we could play a little. The kitchen sconce will be a custom order that looks the same but larger for over the sink. Paul is going to send the custom lighting drawings to the fabricator this week!


Because the drywallers are still working, we were not able to put the cabinets inside the house like we were hoping. I guess that gives us something to look forward to on the next visit. On the main wall we are doing a built in banquet for the dining area. We knew it was a long piece, but finished it is about 10.5’ long! Maybe that doesn’t sound long via blog post but it was a little insane. Trying to maneuver that thing was like driving a semi! We are still looking for a dining table to go with that beast of a banquette. We found one that we fell in love with, but it’s a little more than what we wanted to spend. We may have to just bite the bullet because it is perfect for the space. We’ll search a little more in the hopes of something more cost effective. Ugh, budgets!

We are sooo looking forward to future visits and more progress but it’ll have to wait. We’re not due back until the 27th when Paul’s parents are in town. The anticipation may kill us!