Freshest Friday

Hello! This week has been super exciting over in JT. We are so close to finishing the house we can taste it. Saturday we will drive the big box truck out with the cabinets and appliances. We will make sure to fill everyone in next week with all the updated photos, we have a feeling there will be a lot!

Our first fresh find is this gorgeous bathroom by Eye Swoon. Of course who wouldn’t love to have a piet et tier in NYC. Like seriously!? We are gaga over the fireplace in the bathroom right in front of the beautiful soaking tub. Can it get any better??? Well how about the pink marble in the shower to the left….one of Paul’s favorites. We would be perfectly fine pulling in a mattress and living out our lives just in this room only.


Paul went downtown earlier this week to The ROW. It is a great little area for shopping and food. With lots of office spaces it won’t take long until that area is really busy. We are unsure of the muralist, but they painted these beautiful faces on some of the columns in the area. Something about the simplistic approach called out to him and he has artistic gears in overdrive. He literally woke up in the middle of the night and was thinking about these faces. Can’t wait to see what ideas he has stored in his head.


Becky found this amazing kitchen on Pinterest and can we take a second just to look at the beautiful marble??? The veining on the whole wall is so dramatic without being overwhelming. Often times when designers book-match marble for walls it can be too much to look at. With this marble there is enough white to balance out the dark caramel and black veining. The designer warmed up the space with beautiful butcher block counters.


On a recent trip to Target Becky was talking about this kitchen she found and thought it would be cool for a project we have coming up. After searching through her phone and email she wasn’t able to come up with any photos of it. A couple days later she found them and we were happy because it’s perfect! There is something very simple and modern about the cabinets that would work perfectly for our project. Also see how they did the marble on the counters and backsplash…..yeah that’s what we are doing in JT with this beautiful Taj Mahal leathered quartzite. Having that solid surface as a backsplash is perfect for keeping everything clean. Also the no-fuss cabinets won’t get as dirty with the slab doors and drawers.

Some of you may have been following along with our scarf project, Show Your Courage. Becky found this inspiration image as a cute way to tie up her hair. Super fun without waving the scarf in everyone’s faces! Exciting news about the scarf is that we hired a PR person to help us get the word out. Within a couple days we got a hit to be in a last minute “gift guide”! That is right we are going to be in not one, but TWO national magazines today!!! Intouch Magazine and Life/Style magazine are showing off our “gift with a purpose” which comes out 12/14. We don’t know what to expect, but we have a feeling we may be busier in the next few weeks than we originally thought. We also have met with multiple people and have three organizations that we will be working with. We will make sure to do a post and give everyone all the latest info!

Hope everyone has an exciting weekend!