JT Update

Hey folks! We didn’t go out to the desert this weekend, because we had too much going on at home, but we did go out the weekend before to drop off some furniture and lighting. This weekend our contractor sent us a few sneak peek photos of the drywall!


With Christmas quickly approaching we had to get some of the excess furniture out of our living room. We needed a place to put the tree (that is literally two inches from the ceiling), so the beds, trunk, side tables and much more needed to vacate the premises. We received a few of our light fixtures from our Black Friday finds which we took out as well. Becky wanted to make sure we picked an appropriate light for outside and as you can tell by the photo we think it looks pretty good! We have two on the patio, one by the front door and one by the outdoor shower (we originally forgot to order that one).


Since last going out, most of our lights are now here, along with the extra plumbing fixtures. Our appliances and cabinets are ready to take out, so there is a plan in the works to go out this coming weekend. We may start to paint since the drywall is now installed! They should be mudding and taping at the beginning of the week which means we should be good to go with priming and painting the interior. There isn’t a huge rush on having us paint, but the sooner we get it done the better. In the shot above you can see the living room built in shelving area and the new window that will let in lots of great light!


On another note our sofa and dining chairs are complete! Now we need to find a dining table, queen bed and a couple rugs. Not much left to buy for furniture and accessories which means we are ready to get in there and start setting up.

Hope everyone has a great week!