Black Friday Finds

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?! We cooked our very first dinner and it was delicious. Of course you are probably wondering why we have never cooked Thanksgiving, but we always tend to go to friends or family for Thanksgiving. Don’t tell anyone but our turkey was the best we have had. It was a heritage turkey from Missouri and it was packed full of flavor. We went out to the house on Friday just to check in and drop off a few things. The most exciting part of the weekend was ordering all of our fabrics, lighting and appliances!


We went to Calico Corners, which isn’t a typical fabric store we visit, but we were hoping to get some ideas. Our main focus was to find fabric options for the dining chairs and banquet cushion. We have the sofa fabric, some pillows and the overall palette figured out but we’re just starting to gather together all of the details. Our dining chairs we’re a designer’s bargain dream, four matching chairs similar to the Marcel Breuer Cesca Chairs, that Becky picked up at the local second hand store. At some point someone upholstered the seats in a dingy linen. We’re going to change the fabric on the seat and wanted something that could hide stains and coordinate with the natural material of the chair back and chrome detailing.


We also know we needed fabric for the built in dining banquet, but again we weren’t expecting to find the perfect item. Becky actually spotted the fabric right away and it was perfect! It was what Paul was envisioning for the space, but didn’t think Becky would like it. The indigo dye look is perfect for a desert home and looks great with the existing pillows. All in all it was a successful trip to Calico Corners.


On Monday Paul went to his upholsterer to drop off some fabrics and she was cleaning out her storage. He was able to snag some great fabrics for one of our beds. We are thinking of doing two different fabrics for the bed- one on the sides/base and one on the back. This will allow us to mix in some different textures and patterns while using up remaining fabrics from our other projects. He came up with the design above, which we LOVE! We just have to get it priced out and see if it’s worth it. We’ve looked high and low online and can’t find a bed for one of the bedrooms. Why is it sooo hard!?!


Then came the lighting order….one of the hardest parts of the house thus far. We had the hardest time finding the perfect options and after much back and forth we are happy with what we found. You may remember the bathroom light fixture which hasn’t changed from the beginning. We kept it in mind when selecting others knowing that if they looked good together they would work in the house. Overall we are happy with what we came up with, best part is that the order has already shipped!

We finally made a decision on our appliances. We went with Whirlpool, white appliances. Although they are not the most gorgeous items, we are happy with what we found. We will make sure any future homes we build factor in a higher budget for appliances. These appliances will be a nice compliment to the cabinets and help keep the kitchen area bright. We are excited that in just a couple weeks we will be able to actually cook and store food at the house.

We have a busy week ahead but are excited to go out next weekend. The drywall should be close to complete which means we will have to start painting as soon as it’s ready!