JT Homestead Update

Hey! So at last all of our visitors have left us - until the end of December that is. Becky’s mom was here last week and we had a great visit together. We took her out to the desert to see the house and get some photos for our update! Becky’s mom was actually the first person to ever see our house so she’s been able to see the massive transformation that’s taken place.


As of the weekend, the house is completely wrapped with the paper and wire needed for stucco! This is a bid deal because that means we are 100% waterproof. Never has our house been so dry! Not even when they built the house in the 50’s because they never installed windows or doors.

Exciting things will be happening over the next few weeks. As we mentioned before, we decided to go with a white colored stucco. It wasn’t quite what we wanted but there are not many options of stock colors and we wanted it to be easy. It looks cool all black, but obviously that is not realistic in the middle of the desert. Our electric bill would be ridiculously high!


All of the rough electrical is done which means that we need to get all of the lighting ordered. We should be doing that this week or next! Our custom lighting will take about a month to complete and since Paul’s parents are coming the end of December we want them to be able to stay the night. First sleepover ever!!!!!!!!!!!


The plumbers moved the bathtub in the house and we have to admit….it’s the best thing ever. Even Paul thinks he will take a bath because it really is… THAT comfortable! We probably should have had the window a little lower, but that would have been an issue with the faucet. The idea was that you could look out the window while taking a bath, but to be honest, you’re view is just the sky! We’re not counting that as a failure. It’s still a dream!


If the inspection goes as planned this week should be very busy. Up next on the list of To Do’s

  • Insulation

  • Install ceiling mounted shower rod

  • Grind/polish concrete floors

  • Start drywall!!

Once the drywall is up, we’ll go in and start painting. Cabinets have been ordered and should be installed the first week of December. We are in a mad rush to get it done and the contractor is all hands on deck. We will work on some renderings this weekend to give you some more sneak peaks of the interior!

Happy Tuesday!