Joshua Tree update

This weekend we went out to the desert to check in on the house and meet with the contractor. Of course we were both fighting a cold, so there were lots tissues used, but we were happy to see how the house was coming along. This week they will start wrapping the house with lathe to get ready for stucco! Then it will look like a real house from the exterior.


A big task was getting water to the house. As you may remember we had to bring the water water 400 feet to get to the property. We put in a water shut off valve in case of emergencies at the edge of the property so we didn’t have to run the length of a football field to turn it off! Last week they continued the waterline up to the house. Even though we don’t have any faucets hooked up yet, we actually have the ability to run water in the pipes. The contractor also made some changes to the electrical plan and installed the electrical panel. We should be able to connect the panel to the main line in the next couple weeks. That means we will be fully connected with water and electrical, the largest hurdle so far!

Here is the outdoor shower, as you know it is Paul’s favorite. The drain is installed, so we just need to think about what we are going to use on the ground as pavers….so many options to consider! The contractor mentioned possibly putting some sort of tile on the patio as well and Becky’s eyes got big. You could see the wheels turning inside her head with what we could put out there. We probably won’t do that part right away, but we should use the same material for both areas.


Continuing with the patio, we added some electrical in the corner to string patio lights across. We think that would be perfect on a summer evening: sitting on the patio having some drinks and playing our imaginary guitar. It would equally enticing in the winter, but you’d need hot chocolate and a blanket! Our contractor mentioned that the last big snow was in 2006 and they got about 2 feet of snow. Paul’s parents didn’t believe us when we told them it could snow in Joshua Tree, but there is your proof. We are hoping to spend Christmas at the house. Could you image a white Christmas in Joshua Tree!?!


The final thing we reviewed was the bathroom tile! Thanks to our great friends at Saxum tile, we got this gorgeous white 5x5 tile that we are using as a wainscot in the bathroom. We are super excited to get some final finishes in the house and making it look pretty! If anyone is in town the middle of November we will be painting the interior!