Freshest Finds this week!

Hey everyone! Why do we repeatedly create more work for ourselves!? It’s not enough that we design full time, have side projects, building a house but now we are working on a project Becky came up with. Thankfully we have some friends helping but we are literally spending all of our time trying to bring it to fruition sooner than later. Hopefully we will be able to reveal a little more in the next few weeks.

First on the list has to be this amazing house on our favorite website, Circa Old Homes. Something about this house is just so charming! All of the wood flooring and the detailed moulding…YUM! Even though it’s in Connecticut we would make a change for this beauty. Although the house looks small from the front, it contains four bedrooms and four baths. We never thought we would be white picket fence people, but yesssssss!

Paul found this photo of a terra cotta studio. That’s right people - this gorgeous building was designed to make terra cotta pots. The lace like pattern on the brick draws air into the structure to help dry the pottery. This is the perfect combination of form and function! So often we are told in order for our designs to function properly we aren’t allowed to create something beautiful. In the design world it is all about balance.

This beautiful home in Taos, New Mexico is definitely a stunner! The way the architect/designer was able to blend the building with the landscape is right on point. The natural color of the stucco blends perfectly with the surrounding plantings. This is something we really want to do with our home. When the views are amazing it is necessary to allow the structures to compliment rather than stand out.

We are not fashion fanatics by any means. We like to look at pretty clothes, but we tend to go towards the basics when we shop. Becky found this image and was drawn to how powerful this scarf statement was. Something about the cream with the bold black graphics makes this woman give off a very powerful vibe. Given our current political climate, we like anything that send out those vibes!

Let’s talk about Dunn Edward’s color of the year, Spice of Life! We are loving this earthy shade of red right now. It reminds us of the mountain ranges in Utah, transporting us to another location. Typically we don’t gravitate towards warm colors, but something about this is so fresh that it almost feels like a neutral. This would be the perfect color for a library and don’t be scared, paint the walls and the bookcases Spice of Life, you will never want to leave.

This weekend well be going out to the desert for a long meeting with our contractor. We need to go over the finishing details as he will be starting those in the next few weeks. Our bathroom tile is ready, so we will be taking that out as well as anything else we can get out of our living/storage room. It will be nice to get our apartment back to normal and not feel like we are having an estate sale!

Have a great weekend and maybe paint something red!