Friday Mix-up

You guys!!!!!! We are so sorry we went MIA for a couple weeks. We have been working on the secret project and it has gotten insane, we can’t wait to share it with everyone. In addition Paul’s Aunt Judy was out here visiting last week and we had lots of fun. We laughed the entire time she was here, mostly at the expense of Paul. We are calling this post a mix-up because we are going to give you a little bit of everything, not just our fresh finds.


While Paul’s aunt was here we went out to JT to deliver our tub! The plumber asked that we bring it out so he could verify the correct plumbing locations just one more time. They guys were pulling lots of electric cables through the house, to connect everything to the main electric panel. There was also a worker on the outside preparing everything for the lath to be installed. They have to wrap the house in waterproof paper and then add the metal lath. Once all of that is done they can finish up the insulation and drywall on the interior.

We are hoping to go live this weekend for our secret project and let everyone know what we have been working on. We do have a website where you can sign up to get a notification as soon as we announce. The website is and just click the box to be added to the email list. We had a photoshoot for the project earlier this week which went exceptionally well. We are very excited with what we have done and we are ready to release it to the world.

Also this week Becky found the most amazing house ever on Circa Old Homes! We are talking about a house that we could move into tomorrow. It is the perfect blend of our tastes, a little modern and a little traditional. The troweled stucco has the warm and cozy feeling we love. There are a few lighting fixtures we would probably want to change, but we would be willing to live with them for now. Of course that does mean moving completely across the country!

One of our favorite rooms is this sunroom that leads out to the back patio area. Like the current owner, our cat would probably be out there most of the time. We would be totally fine with that because we have a feeling we would spend many hours out there every day. It’s a little strange that there are no photos of the bathrooms, but by the looks of everything else we imagine they have been updated as well. Not that we have any intentions of moving any time soon, but we LOVE this house!

Keep an eye out for everything that will be happening in the next couple weeks! We will try to stay on top of the blog, but we can’t make any promises. Have a wonderful weekend!