Fresh Finds Friday

Hey everyone! It has been a super busy week, lots going on at our house and at work to keep us on our toes. We didn’t even realize that it was already Friday again, but it is a pleasant surprise! We have a busy weekend ahead and it is probably not going to slow down for us for awhile.

First up on the list is this great house in New Zealand. Situated close to a cliff over looking the ocean with mountain views, the owner knew what they were looking for. The exterior blends in perfectly with the surrounding fields. Can’t you just imagine how quiet it would be there? Although there are things we love about LA the noise is not one of them. We long for the day when we can sit on our front porch and not see hundreds of cars drive past every hour.

When we met our contractor last weekend we talked about the fence that is going around the outdoor shower. From the beginning we have wanted the space to be a little larger than normal to accommodate some sort of planting similar to the photo above. We imagine Parker going out in this area to soak up some sun which means that the door would be open frequently. It would be great to look out and see something beautiful. Of course that is a little more work for us, as we are in charge of doing all the exterior landscaping/hardscaping. We need to finalize our decisions soon so we can get to working on this area. Maybe this weekend we’ll brainstorm some designs for exterior shower enclosures :)

Paul is working on the color palette for the Pasadena Showcase House of the Arts and he was inspired by this photo. The colors are soft and subdued but all work together beautifully. If you dissect the photo there are actually a lot of colors. He wants to stay away from strong jarring colors, but of course all of the designers can pull in what they want to create interest in their rooms. He has been working diligently trying to create the inspiration board for the designer walk through at the end of this month.

We are super excited to be partnering with Dunn Edwards for the painting of the JT house! We just found out yesterday and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Once the house is done Dunn Edwards will do a blog post about the house and show off the colors we’ve chosen. Above are the colors we are using! Milk Glass is for the walls and ceilings, White for the trim/windows/doors and bathroom vanity, Shutter is for the kitchen cabinets. The goal with these colors was to keep things simple. We are using a lot of textures and warm colored fabrics to help liven things up!

Painting is another task that we are doing ourselves, we need to find the time to actually do it though…. Most likely that will happen mid November. We told our contractor that he needed to deliver the house to us finished as a Christmas present. We will see! Taking bets, who thinks we’ll be done by Christmas?!