YLiving Blog Collaboration

Hello everyone, it is Paul here, hope you had a great holiday season. Before the holidays YLiving reached out to be and asked if I would collaborate with them on a blog post about "How to Add Color and Texture to a Space". I tried to focus on design tips that would be easy for everyone to achieve, hope you enjoy it!

SWP_6923 (2).jpg

Below is a snippet of what the blog post on YLiving is about, click here to see the whole post!

“Color and texture are two of the most fundamental design elements that designers incorporate into their work. With the advancement of technology, our tactile environment has become very sleek and smooth. Think tablets, phone, computers…all glossy, no texture, minimal color. This presents not only an opportunity, but a need to really enhance our spaces with color and texture.


Special thanks to Becky for being able to translate all of my crazy thoughts and notes into comprehendible sentences. Hope everyone has a great week!