Our Trip to the Desert

Last weekend was Becky's 30th birthday and I (Paul) surprised her with a trip to Joshua Tree. We instantly fell in love with both the area and the charming cabin we stayed in. The desert can get a bad rap for being too hot thus deterring some visitors. It's true that it can be very warm and the temperature can creep into triple digits but that's only a few weeks per year. Typical temperatures range from 50.7°F to 79.6°F, so actually very pleasant. California is having a heat wave right now so the consensus is that's it's crazy hot all the time. Just the word desert can get people sweating! 

On the first day of our visit we went into Joshua Tree National Park. The spike leafed trees seem to go on for miles, lining the roads as you drive through the first section of the park. We joked at the wild and surprising postures and tried to match our friends/family members personalities to the trees. One of the wildest shaped Joshua trees was dedicated to our cat, Parker! As we continued through the park, the Joshua trees became less common and gave way to wonderful, large rock formations. We stopped to take in the wondrous sight and climbed the shorter rocks. If we were rock climbers we would have gone higher but that's just not the case! 


So let's get to our cabin, it was like a little piece of heaven in the middle of no where. When reserving the cabin Paul was looking on Google Maps trying to find something that was off the beaten path but the maps all showed nearby roads. He was worried that there would be a lot of traffic and neighbors. Little did he know all those intersecting lines were dirt roads with one, maybe two structures per, what felt like, a mile. The topography had small valleys and gradual peaks which created even more privacy. Only from one side of the house could you see another home. The peacefulness was glorious! 

We spent most of our time listening to the record player, drinking cider on the front porch, and listening to the wind chimes. Each night we sat outside to catch the best sunset views and take in the sweeping vistas. While Becky loved the reading lounge, Paul's favorite part of the cabin was the outdoor shower! We didn't count but he probably took five showers in the two and a half days we were there. Not exaggerating at all!

We're already thinking about and planning our next trip to Joshua Tree because we just loved everything about it! We've sent photos and bragged to our family in the hopes that they'll come visit and share a trip to Joshua Tree with us!