Pasini Design New Project

Hey everyone! As you remember a couple weeks we introduced one of our favorite fabric designers Shleigh Pasini, you can see the post here. Well Shleigh just sent over some photos from her latest project and we couldn't be more excited.

Shleigh designed this print while in the desert last year, the colors related to all of the surrounding nature, which happen to be on trend! The pattern itself comes from these little crochet pieces that she made, creating this beautiful figure-ground reversal effect. For those of you who are not artists, figure-ground reversal is when the foreground and background of an image are swapped to create different images. We all know the images where you can see faces or you can see a vase, well that is the same concept.

The sheer fabric panels, that are easily rolled back and forth to create privacy, are very simplistic and modern. We love the versatility of the fabrics from Pasini Design, we can't wait to see the new collection coming this summer!