Pasini Design

It's time to show you one of our favorite fabric designers! Pasini Design is a local (LA) fabric designer who works out of her loft in the Arts District. Her beautiful prints are completely customizable depending on your design aesthetic. She works with a multitude of fabrics and ink colors, making the possibilities endless! Paul has been fortunate enough to use Shleigh Pasini's fabric designs on a few of his projects, most notably the 2016 Pasadena Showcase House.

Below is a photo of the custom design Paul incorporated into the Music Room at the Pasadena Showcase last year. Shleigh brought this same pattern into his office last Spring in a natural linen with a two-tone blue ink combination. Paul opted to maintain the design but selected her Graphite Cotton Linen with copper and bronze inks to work with the rest of the room. The watercolor effect is simply stunning!


Here are a few questions we had for Shleigh, enjoy!

How did you get started in fabric design?

I cannot remember a time that I did not have a focus on textiles.  As a child my grandmother sewed and crocheted, making beautiful clothes for me and my dolls.  My mother taught me to embroider and needlepoint when I was very young.  I also was always involved in drawing and painting, so it was very natural for me to study clothing design for my first career.  That later evolved to textile design.

(This story begins with the printed suede intended for clothing.  I was in the clothing industry and wanted to capture the reflection of light from suede and metal prints (inspired by Medieval “Illuminations” monks books) by printing patterns in metal inks on suede.  I developed a printing process for this, with the intension of using it in clothing designs.  I made pillows for friends and the rest is history.)


Do you have a favorite place to draw inspiration?

The patterns and colors I find in nature is my first inspiration.  I also enjoy the inspiration in couture, architecture, and fine art.


Do you have a specific style you are drawn towards or design for?

There are many styles that I am drawn towards and I think my sense of design is very versatile.  I also like to have the capability of combining very old world work with very the modern, and I think my work appeals to that style as well.


What is your favorite pattern you have done?

It is like asking which is your favorite child.  That said, I am very pleased with The Orchidea collection, I loved using water colors for this design of this collection. Attached is a photo of a custom project that used this print on window treatments.  I love the colors used here!


Have you used any of your fabrics in your own home?

Sparingly.  I love my work but I keep it to a minimum in my environment to give my eyes a rest.  My environment is pretty Spartan but I do have a few favorites that I keep close though.


Any trends you like right now?

I enjoy seeing designers make  unexpected pattern and color combinations.


Any trends that you are not liking?

Not really, everything has its time and place.


Where do you think design is headed in the next few years?

Design wise I think the world is so much smaller and we have much more exposure and access to other cultures and their design aesthetics.  These different aesthetics are worked into our western design more and more.  I think these will be less distinction in “Ethnic” design over time.

Industry wise…There are some incredible innovations in textile sustainability and recycled/repurposed materials right now.  Some are still a little raw in development, but I think we will see more and more of this in our design.  Customers are more educated and asking for so that is driving it as well. 


Thanks Shleigh, we can't wait to see your next collection!