An Earth Day Celebration

Happy Earth Day! Becky was very excited to wake up this morning and notice that her dahlias were starting to grow, what a perfect day for them to start. Plants are so important to interior design, they instantly transform a room and provide clean air. You would be surprised how dramatic the change is when we finally bring plants into a space. Today we are focusing on flowers!

The floral arrangement above is from our good friend Charmain Chen, at Emblem Flowers. She does the most amazing work. Her flowers are almost always very sculptural and act as a piece of art. We were lucky enough to have Charmain create the flowers for our wedding and they turned out beautiful! Of course don't be worried if you only throw your bouquet in a vase, that is typically what we do.  


We have never met anyone who didn't like flowers. Picking up a handful at the store for under $5 is a great way to add some color and life to your house. Flowers typically last 4-7 days depending on the variety. We love ranunculus and peonies, they are soft, delicate and add a beautiful texture.

Orchids are great, they are a plant but the flowers last for at least a month if you take care of it properly. We have a couple orchids in our house and they bloom a couple times a year. They can be a little particular about the location and watering, so be careful.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Earth Day, get outside and do something fun! Go to the farmer's market and pick up some flowers and share them with us on Instagram!