Weekend Roundup...or Rounddown

Hey Readers, 

Our weekend was not glamorous! We can't even lie or pretend like it was! We're just like you in that we sleep in, lounge around, watch the Superbowl and struggle to change out of our PJ's. We did some work, we drove to two of Paul's projects. The Hollywood Hills project where the subs were working feverishly trying to complete the work in order to meet the end of February deadline. The custom door handle was installed and the cameras we're being hooked up. 


Be honest, how much do you love that door hardware! So good, right?! The design intent was to bring something into focus on the exterior elevation. The mix of textured bronze and brushed stainless steel create an eye pleasing combination. We promise to share the final design with our readers when it's complete. 

The second project was in the hills of South Pasadena. This is the one where we asked you to vote whether or not to keep or remove the tree in the indoor garden. Well, do you want the good news first or the bad news? Let's start with the bad. They removed the tree! (sad face) Ok, quickly onto the good news. They're keeping the indoor garden but adding new plantings! Overall, we're happy with the outcome. The client has also decided to paint and repave the exterior and the steps entering the home. That was a big hurdle but the result will be a major improvement. We had a quick chat with the flooring installers who have been working hard for three weeks. They haven't had it easy. The sub floors were in terrible condition and the prep work alone world make anyone run for the hills! Wide plank wood floors are a little harder to install than narrow plank. They require more time to adhere to the subfloor. All and all the project is progressing nicely. 

On Sunday, we did manage to check out the flea market at PCC. We didn't come home with anything but we are still thinking about a wooden bowl and serving spoon set. Usually there's no problem being a spontaneous spender! Were we sick?! I didn't feel sick! Hmmm...Once we got back home, we cooked a little and watched the Superbowl and painted a painting. Sometimes you just need to take it easy and not have a full schedule over the weekend. 

Anyone else out there have a lazy working weekend?