Inspiring Spaces!

Hope everyone is having an awesome week so far and if you're in the LA area, we hope everyone is having a safe week so far.

As we prepare the plans of our cabin for the county to review we decided to show you some inspiration for our space. The number one question we get when we tell people we are remodeling our house is "What is it going to look like?", so we figured it's time to show everyone what's inspiring us!

We wanted a space that relates to the area, but is unique and fresh. Many of the houses in Joshua Tree have a mid-century/bohemian vibe and although we love that we wanted something a little more refined. We started a "Homestead" Pinterest board and printed out our favorite photos to make a physical mood board that we can reference while designing. 

The image of pillows above inspired our color palette for the interior finishes, pulling on those neutral tones with a hint of color. As collectors of books and decorative objects we needed a display area and we instantly fell in love with those built in bookcases. 

We have made a few furniture and accessory purchases in the last month. Before we buy something we make sure it fits the style of our mood board, nothing is worse than having a piece that doesn't relate to anything else in the house. Our thought is that most of the furniture pieces will be antiques, with the more permanent fixtures such as hardware, lighting and cabinetry being more contemporary. We love the idea of a traveler who is crossing the country picking up furniture along the way and settling in JT. 

Wait until you see our take on a circular mirror in the bathroom, we think it will definitely be "pin" worthy! Although we don't have a fireplace, we were drawn to black accents in a light and airy space.

Those green cabinets are one of the first photos we found and have stuck with us since the beginning. We've been carrying around a green paint swatch with us when we select materials or furniture and we're pretty confident that it'll show up in a pretty prominent place. Becky found the upper right-hand photo and something about the simplicity of it with the mix of unique objects and modern art called out to us! Such a cool vibe! But refined. That's what we're after. 

Stay tuned for the final floor plan! We are hoping to have them wrapped up next week. Septic systems are what we're researching next.... thrilling, we know! .