Parker Pillow

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! A few weeks ago LiLiPi Brand reached out to us about making a pillow shaped like our favorite furry guy....Parker! It arrived right before our trip to Yosemite, making it a fun addition to our road trip. 


LiLiPi Brand makes custom pillows of anything you can dream up, but they are famous for their "Pet Pillows". We were asked to send a photo of Parker that we'd like to have made into a pillow and even though we have thousands, none seemed quite right. Now if you have a cat you know they are completely uncooperative. We literally took over 100 photos of Parker that evening and only a few were pillow worthy. We should also confess that we both had our iPhones out along with our DSLR camera. This was a serious endeavor! It didn't matter how many treats we gave him...he wouldn't stand still! He probably gained a pound that evening because we're confident that we have him half a bag of treats. He probably had us all figured out and knew that as soon as he gave us a good photo, the treats would stop! He's smarter than us all. Eventually he just fell over and took a little nap. Full belly and over it! Or was he trying to play dead? 

The best part about LiLiPi Brand is that every time you buy a pillow they give one to the kids at the Children's Hospitals across they country. Think about all of the kids who are missing their pets while staying at the hospital, now they can have their own pillow too! Such a sweet concept! 


We received our pillow right before our traditional Christmas trip to Yosemite to see the Bracebridge dinner at the Ahwahnee (we refuse to call it the Majestic). We were happy to take the new "Parker Pillow" with us since we couldn't take the real Parker. Our pillow pet had a blast exploring the park. He said Half Dome was his favorite view! 


We encourage everyone to hop on over to the LiLiPi Brand website and see all of the endless possibilities when it comes to pillows!

B + P

p.s. Desert retreat update, we are taking our drawings to the city today! Wish us luck!!