We've been everywhere, man.

Hello! A couple weeks ago we went to Ohio (for 2 weddings), New York and Pennsylvania and we saw so stinking much! There were a few different themes to our trip; weddings (obviously), waterfalls, and whiskey!

We flew in on a Wednesday and had the first wedding that Friday . Yay Ian and Rhienna! Their wedding was great and it was a perfect mash up of the two of them. We did pull the older brother card a few times to help coordinate some last minute items. Overall, it was a huge success and Ian made one hell of a toast to his bride. The heartfelt, carefully selected words and sincerity was yanking on all the heart strings. Hopefully we get to see their photos soon, we can't wait. Why is it always so hard waiting for wedding photos???!!! Shout out to all the photographers that send sneak peeks. They're life savers! 


A few days after the wedding we started our road trip to New York to see Niagara Falls. We took a couple scenic routes, mostly by choice. Some by chance! Traveling the east coast in the Fall is a new found love. As we all know, here in SoCal, we see maybe 3 trees turn a mild yellow color. Not exactly the dramatic backdrop we all dream of. The East Coast foliage was just starting to turn but even that was a blissful and welcomed change of scenery. Now is probably the best time to experience Fall at it's peak where we were. Next year we'll try and time it better. Once in Buffalo, we checked into our charming and perfectly located Airbnb. The house had a couple of units in it but the architecture and tree lined streets were straight out of a storybook. Becky didn't want to leave but she was gently reminded of the winters and the fact that the 2 places where she's been a permanent resident are Florida and California. Enough said. She was coming back to the Golden State. The first night, we went out to dinner at a bar that was probably too cool for all of us! This is where the whiskey comes into play. Paul was able to talk his dad, Paul Jr., into shooting a Pickle Back. Yeah, the waitress was even unsure of what we'd just ordered... She was like..."a shot, pickle what? Let me talk to the bar." For those of you who don't know, it's a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. Although it sounds gross the pickle juice cancels out the alcohol and it tastes pretty good. Try it next time you're feeling adventurous. Let us know what you think. 


If you haven't been to Niagara Falls and taken a ride on the Maid of the Mist boat you must go! As in ASAP! The falls are pretty great from above, but from below you're able to appreciate the wonder that is the falls that much more. You will get wet and most likely pelted in the face with water but we're telling you that it's totally worth it. The floor of the boat is like sandpaper so you don't have worry about slipping. Safety first! 


After we spent a few days in Buffalo we headed to Falling Water, the great Frank Lloyd Wright house in Bear Run. The photos of Falling Water are beautiful, but seeing it in person is amazing. All the little details that FLW created to make the experience better for the family can't be captured in a photo. It was a great feat of engineering in it's day but to be honest, we think it would still make a structural engineer cringe. Sometimes good architecture is the most challenging. Not always, but sometimes. If you are ever close to Pittsburgh make sure to take a short drive south and check it out. 


After the quick but schedule filled road trip came to an end, we had one wedding left. Paul's cousin Natalie. It was her big day and as designers she enlisted us to help set up. We were more than happy to help and we think it turned out beautifully. At the wedding their photographer had a drone and we were able to get a group photo that sums up the entire wedding. Love, sweet love! 


We're back in LA, busy at work and getting closer to revealing our secret project! Make sure not to miss our reveal by subscribing to our newsletter, we promise not to overfill your inbox! No seriously, keeping up with a blog is no joke. Kuddos to all that do!