Noguchi Garden

With the extra long holiday weekend we decided to go on a little road trip. With a quick Instagram search Becky found the Noguchi Garden in Costa Mesa. There was a little traffic getting down there, but let us tell you it was totally worth it! 


Isamu Noguchi was a Japanese American artist. As Interior Designers we recognize him for his iconic coffee table but Noguchi was popular for his sculptures and landscape architecture as well. The Noguchi Garden is a perfect example of how these two artistic elements collide. 


In a central courtyard of a group of high-rise buildings the 1.6 acre garden begins. The map calls out all of the different areas of the garden and what they represent to the state of California as told by Noguchi. 


What is so perfect about the garden is the simplicity of the natural materials mixed with these beautiful geometric forms. A tall triangular form feeds water into a stream that flows through the garden. Large boulders and geometric granite forms are scattered around the garden, mixed with native California plantings. 

We were the only people in the garden and we were able to take in the whole experience. We definitely will be revisiting this garden in the future and hope that we can encourage a few others to go as well. It is worth the trip!