Big Rocks and a Tiny House

"What draws us into the desert is the search for something intimate in the remote" -Edward Abbey

Well, our secret project is finally here! We have spent the last few months searching for the perfect property and we found it in the heart of Joshua Tree. After visiting JT for Becky's birthday we yearned for a place of our own. While shopping around at a store we bought an old school vintage lunchbox back in June with a tag to remind us to "finish what you started." When we got back to Pasadena we quickly found a realtor and started the search for our getaway cabin. (Our realtor was actually the second one we found. The first didn't take us seriously!)


Unlike most people our list of requirements were pretty low. We wanted the house to be in Joshua Tree, be less than 900 square feet (code requirements), with at least 2 acres of property and be a total fixer upper. We started our search without any rush and figured we would eventually find the perfect place. Little did we know that the perfect place would come on the market just a few short weeks later. Located 15 minutes from the entrance of the park this 675 square foot structure was perfect! 


Four days after finding the property we went out to the desert to look at it. It was a bit daunting at first because the house was in worse shape than the listing previewed. The original owners built the structure in 1957 without finishing it. They never installed windows, doors or finished the interior. The owners also used the house as storage for all of their ugly 1980's furniture. With no power or water on the land, and the need to take the house down to the studs we knew it would be a challenge to complete, but we're ready! 

If you know us, you know that we are hard working, determined individuals who put our whole heart into what we do. By 6 PM on the first day of seeing the house we had a rough draft of our future floor plan. In order to get our construction loan we needed to have our plans and finishes ready before closing on the house. We have gone through multiple iterations and seem to have come up with a final plan. Which,we will reveal in due time! 


Next step is plan check (crying face!!!). We are hoping to start construction the beginning of the year and we will make sure to post the construction process. The good, the bad, and the ugly! Make sure to subscribe to our blog below so you don't miss out!

Love B+P