Green Light to Go?

One of Paul's clients has a great mid century style home in the hills of South Pasadena. While that may seem great and everything, it was built in the 80's...(Duhn Duhn Duhh) The horror! No, it's really not that bad, especially since it's getting a complete gut and remodel. Trust us when we tell you that it needed it!

One really special and unique feature of the home is an indoor garden bordering the main living space. Right now, it's not looking so hot. It's current state is that of a construction zone, covered in dust and looking a bit weary. Right now as it stands there's only one little tree. The clients are unsure whether to get rid of the woody perennial plant but we think it should be saved and continue to live in the existing indoor garden. The hope would be that the existing tree and new proposed seedlings would continually grow, constantly changing the space as they do so. Another strong argument for maintaining the indoor garden is that this home is built on a small, hillside plot of land surrounded by and almost touching neighboring homes. As you can image, that makes it nearly impossible to landscape outdoors or have any exterior green space.

We really think that if the client puts some TLC into this small but special space, it could be pure magic. The space would be dynamic yet vibrant and the gap between interior and exterior drastically reduced. A few images below show how well an indoor garden can add to a space.

Now that you know the predicament, we need your help and input. How many of you would give the green light to go ahead and keep the garden and how many of you would get rid of it?  Poll below!


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